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Make It Rain:
21 Day Challenge
- Taking Your Business To The Next Level -
Get Ready For Excellence
"There's more gold in your current business than you know....
Make It Rain is about extracting that gold, refining it and cashing it in!
Einstein said the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  Yet, in 8 years of coaching over 1,000 business owners, this is a pattern I see time and time again.
It's time to PIVOT your business.
No "more of the same", and definitely no "Throw in the towel"... a PIVOT is the ability to hone in on what you do best, package it up and offer it to the market in a Unique, high value way."
Kamahl Simon, Challenge Master
Ready to Level Up... (By Stripping Back)?
Most Business Owners Make the Mistake of Constantly ADDING To Their Business.  
This Creates A Mass Confusion Of Spinning Plates & Shortfalls.  
We'll Show You How To Get Back Your Laser Focus, Simplifying Your Business Offering & Creating More Profits Than Ever, Simpler Than Ever.
How The 'Make It Rain' 21-Day Challenge Works:

Daily Training & Implementation

Not just another library of information with no use.  Each day, you will learn a new module and use the downloadables to Implement it into your business atraight away!

Award Winning Expertise

A proven system designed by an Award Winning business owner and coach to over 1,000 business owners across the world.

Time-Tested, Proven Tools

Implemented in businesses from micro Start-ups to $200m+ listed companies (and just about everyone in-between)

Built In Accountability

Because when we know someone is going to call us on the work we say we are going to do, we are 95% more likely to get it done!

Peer To Peer Support*

There's only 1 thing more powerful than business owners helping business owners...  business owners holding each other accountable!

Weekly Coaching Sessions*

It's one thing to have the system, it's another thing entirely to have the creator of that system working with you LIVE, to implement it into your business!
*Premium Accountability Club (PAC) exclusive access
Online tutorials you can access on any device, as well as downloadable, printable worksheets to not just learn new content, but IMPLEMENT it into your business!
What Happens During The Challenge?
A snapshot into how the Make It Rain Challenge will work to help you re-shape your business, develop a truly unique voice in the market, and generate a ton of extra revenue without spending a single dollar on marketing.  Make It Rain!
Setting A New Foundation
Reshaping Your Beliefs & Re-defining Your Potential
Develop The HOW, Not The WHY
Fast-Track Results: Channeling The Hackers
Scheduling For Peak Performance
The Map: Putting The Cart Before The Horse
understanding you & them
Develop Your Goal: Your Ideal average day
know your client (better than they know themselves)
develop your new product suite offering
create a powerfully enticing value-add suite
combine these to develop a truly unique value proposition (UVP)
the pivot
advanced uVP Positioning
ascention business models for your offering
creating irresistable offers
lead generation & conversion calculators
optix dashboard & profitability calculators
Make It Rain
the new sales philosophy
building your sales scripts
the 3 objections (& how to handle them)
closing the sale
sell... real time with zero marketing
sales script flowcharts for sales automation
The BEST Investment I've Ever Made!
"Kamahl's methods for forging great relationships with existing clients and winning over new clients instantly made a huge impact on our business."
Carla Temple, Vancouver
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